CSN3623 – Embedded Systems

Course Description

This course is needed because most of the time, network student will have to configure hardware. These hardware might not contain advance processors. This course is needed to rectify such problem. ​​This course introduces the concept of embedded computing and as extension from previous microcomputer interfacing course. It also introduces hardware and software issues in embedded computing systems. The course will also include the study of the operating platforms, tools and processes used in development and integration of embedded computing system.

Content Outline of the Course/Module:

  • Embedded System Overview
  • Processor Technology
  • Design Technology
  • General-Purpose Processors
  • Programming In Embedded System
  • Application Specific Instruction Set Processors (ASIPs)
  • Peripherals in Embedded System
  • Memory
  • Interfacing
  • Control Systems
  • Issue in Embedded System

Course Outcome

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Design and develop embedded system via high level methods and tools.
  • Construct communication interfaces to integrate developed embedded systems with conventional computing platform.
  • Adapt embedded system to improve the quality of living.
  • Construct project as a team.

Subject Area


Course Director

​Dr. Chew Kim Mey

Teaching-learning Methods Assessment Methods
Lecture Assignment, Progress Test, Final Examination
Tutorial Assignment, Progress Test, Final Examination
​Lab ​Lab Report, Progress Test