​CSN3473 – Wireless Mobile Networking

Course Description

Wireless technology is one of the widely used networking technology. Students will need to know how to configure wireless devices as well as their standards and safety of data. ​This course provide an in depth study of wireless and mobile network and focus mainly on wireless and mobile computing and networking and mobility of the devices and its implications at all network layers.

Content Outline of the Course/Module:

  • Introduction to Wireless Communications and Networks 3
  • Wireless transmission fundamentals 3
  • Wireless WANs 3
  • Wireless MANs 3
  • Wireless LANs 5
  • Introduction to Mobile IP and Mobile TCP 3
  • Mobile computing and sensor networks. 5
  • Issues in mobile and wireless networks 3

Course Outcome

​Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Design the application of wireless and mobile network in different type of scenario.
  • Design, deploy and troubleshoot wireless and mobile networks with different requirements.
  • Justify the importance of wireless and mobile network in providing seamless communication.

Subject Area


Course Director

Nancy Bundan

​Teaching-learning Methods Assessment Methods
Lecture Assignment, Progress Test, Final Examination
Tutorial Assignment, Progress Test, Final Examination
Lab Lab Report, Progress Test, Project