Organisational Chart

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Associate Professor Dr. Bakri Madon
Position: Dean
Phone: 084-367428
Email: drbakri

Associate Professor Dr. Sim Yee Wai
Position: Head of Programme, Network Computing
Phone: 084-367427
Email: yeewai.sim

Ting Huong Yong
Position: Head of Programme, Software Engineering
Phone: 084-367478 
Email: alan.ting

Daniel Tan Yong Wen
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367432
Email: danieltan

Yiiong Siew Ping
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367484

Gary Loh Chee Wyai
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367433
Email: gary

Dr. Chew Kim Mey
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367554

Nancy ak Bundan
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367443
Email: nancy.bundan

Chang Wui Lee
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367437
Email: wui.lee  

Dr. Alhamza Munther Wardi
Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: 084-367421
Email: alhamza


Eileen Ong Sing Ling
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367560
Email: eileenong


Anli Sherine
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367492
Email: anli.sherine


Noraziahtulhidayu Binti Kamarudin
Position: Lecturer
Phone:  084-367504
Email: hidayu


Dr. Ahmad Fadli Saad
Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: 084-367525
Email: ahmad.fadli Tiong Siaw Wei
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367420
Email: amy

Khairunnisa Binti Ramli
Position: Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 084-367429
Email: khairunnisaramli

Muhammad Asraf Bin Zulkarnain
Position: Assistant Lab Technician
Phone: 084-367476
Email: muhd.asraf